Minimum Income in debate

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The filmed debate consists of putting social policy experts face to face, discussing the minimum income in Europe and the announcement by the President of the Republic of a proposal of a “universal income of activity” in 2020. The debate aims to clarify the issues and ask the most controversial questions before the wide consultation that the Government will organize. It will be broadcasted on social networks after October 17, 2018, international day against misery. The debate lasted more than 2 hours to allow the experts to express themselves, answer the proposed questions and debate without any time limit. To facilitate listening, the debate is presented in two chapters: “Minimum Income in Europe” and “Universal Income of Activities”. The following topics were discussed during the debate:

  1. An analysis of the current state of minim income in Europe within the broader context of social protection; Jean Claude Barbier, economist and sociologist.
  2. Review of EMIN 2; Jean Pierre Bultez, French coordinator of EMIN2 and Richard Delplanque, Vice-President of EAPN Europe.
  3. Analysis of minimum income in France (derived from Christophe Sirugue’s report)
  4. The prespective of a departmental representative, Valérie Beausert-Leick, 1st Vice-President of the Department of Meurthe-et-Moselle
  5. The “Universal income of activity” project presented in the national strategy for the Prevention and Poverty Reduction; Olivier Noblecourt, Interministerial Delegate
  6. The position of ATD Fourth World; Isabelle Bouyer, National Delegate